Meet the man from rural Tibet who’s building Seattle’s latest high-rise

August 21, 2014

lobsang-dargey-01 900xx3967-2654-0-31Lobsang Dargey, a former Buddhist monk from rural Tibet who also happens to be Andre Agassi’s brother-in-law, is hitting his stride as a commercial real estate developer in Seattle, where he has two big apartment projects teed up.

Next week his companies, Path America and Dargey Development, will break ground on a $190 million 41-story hotel and apartment tower in Seattle’s Belltown neighborhood. read more…

5 Tibetans Are Said to Die In Chinese Police Custody

August 21, 2014

z21HONG KONG — Five Tibetans have died in police custody in southwestern China after a protest last week during which residents were shot and wounded, according to the exiled Tibetan government and other groups abroad. The accounts described a flaring of tensions in a mountainous area of Sichuan Province that has long been in turmoil over the Chinese government’s rule. read more…

Tibetan Monk Freed From Prison After Serving Full Term

August 21, 2014

z12A Tibetan monk linked to a self-immolation protest in China’s Qinghai province was freed from prison this week after serving his term and was warmly received by supporters on his return home despite authorities’ insistence that no celebrations be held, sources said. read more…

Three More Detained Tibetan Protesters Die From Gunshot Wounds

August 21, 2014

zxcvThree more Tibetans have died of untreated gunshot wounds after Chinese authorities fired on peaceful protesters last week in Sichuan Province and refused to treat the dozens who were injured and detained, according to sources Tuesday.

The bodies of the three, all members of the same household, were returned to their families on Monday after they succumbed to their injuries at the detention center in Loshu township in the Kardze (Ganzi) Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture. read more…

Tibetan nurse gang raped in hotel Oberoi

August 21, 2014

zzxHours after prime minister Narendra Modi gave a call from the ramparts of the Red Fort on Independence Day that parents should temper their sons’ views on and about women, a Tibetan nurse was gang-raped in the Oberoi Hotel in south-east Delhi by two men. And as it has been, from Goa to New Delhi, vital clues in this case too were captured by CCTV cameras. read more…

Tibetan monks bring Sacred Arts Tour to Yoga Place in Plain Township

August 12, 2014

z8The men, who are adherents of the 14th Dali Lama of Tibet, are raising funds to help support 2,000 exiled Tibetan monks living at their monastery in South India. In Tibet, Buddhist monks, nuns, and other religious institutions calling for Tibet’s independence have been subjected to arrest and persecution by the occupying Chinese government. read more…

Home Department Releases Guideline for Sexual Assault Free Tibetan Society

August 12, 2014 TibetNet

z7DHARAMSHALA: The Women’s Empowerment Desk of the Department of Home, Central Tibetan Administration, today released a guideline to create a “Sexual Assault Free Tibetan Society”. The guideline was created under the guidance of the Kashag to pre-empt sexual assault cases in the Tibetan community. read more…

Health Kalon Visits Bir Tibetan Settlement

August 12, 2014

z6DHARAMSHALA: Dr.Tsering Wangchuk, Kalon for the Department of Health, Central Tibetan Administration visited Bir Tibetan settlement in Himachal Pradesh on 7 August. He was there to preside over the concluding ceremony of a dental training workshop for school nurses and health workers. read more…

Tibetan Environmentalist, Monk Freed After Serving Prison Terms

August 12, 2014 RFA

z4Two Tibetan activists — an environmentalist who organized villagers to plant trees and report poaching, and a Tibetan monk who joined mass protests against Chinese rule — have been released from jail after serving sentences deemed as punishment for their activism, according to sources read more…

Tibetan Writer Woeser Detained on Arrival at Lhasa Airport

August 12, 2014 RFA

z3Beijing-based Tibetan poet and writer Tsering Woeser said Chinese authorities detained and “intimidated” her during three hours of interrogations on arrival at the airport in the Tibetan capital Lhasa.
She said on her Twitter account that security personnel searched through all of her personal belongings and interrogated her after detaining her as she was about to leave the departure gate at Lhasa Gonggar Airport at 11 a.m. local time. read more…

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